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Six Reasons Why You Should Play Grand Theft Auto IV

Tired of the same old point and shoot games? Those dizzying effects that makes you feel sick over and over again?
I hope you still keep your hopes up because today I will share a unique game that made other sandbox RPG games “extinct”. Grand Theft Auto IV is a masterpiece created by Rockstar Games. The said company is the leading virtuoso for “real-engine” type of 3D games which gives you the feeling of being sucked into a new realm.

So without furthermore ado, for your consideration. May I present the top reasons why you should play Grand Theft Auto IV.

Unmatchable 3d effects

Forget cute anime. GTA IV uses a graphic engine, like you haven’t seen since the dawn of Xbox 360 or PS3. The developers created a system that mimics each movement of a real-human. Infusing all the juiciness of that technology to GTA IV. Each characters in the game acts as if they were real people. The rays of the sun, the particles of raindrops falling in the streets, shining chromes of vehicles even the “eye-blink” of computer generated citizens are just some of the wonders of GTA IV’s “real engine”.

Have you ever played a game like that before?

Amazing Storyline

If you had played the predecessor of GTA IV (GTA III: Vice City, GTA III: San Andreas), then you already know how “bad-ass” Rockstar developers could be on creating real-life mafia induced narrations that literally vacuums you to the world of Liberty City (GTA IV’s environment). Do you want to become a hired-assassin? A man who has nothing to lose? Or perhaps a hopelessly romantic criminal with a twist. GTA IV gives you all that experience. The best part of it all? You take-home a girl for pleasure.

Action-pack adventure at its finest

Play a godfather type of role, be a gangster, a crook who wastes every people in the streets. A mad man being chase by police cars and helicopters. Drive yourself a Mitsubishi Evo and fly on the golden-bridge of San Francisco. You create your path. You choose who lives or die. Sounds mature? You betcha!

Tons of unique missions and flawless cut scenes.

Everytime you finished a “dirty” work a cutscene (video presentation) is previewed. Amazing thing about these cutscenes is they have “artificial intelligence” and it blends naturally depending on your current gaming environment. This makes GTA IV very special. Added to that, each quest you finished creates a new storyline and has a unique impact on how you will finish the game. This makes you want to finish quests over again to see the path you have been missing all along.

Play it on PS3, Xbox 360 or a PC? NO problemo!

GTA IV is available on 3 different consoles. There are also rumors that as of this moment, the video card (PC) that can render the ultimate settings for GTA IV has not been created yet. So if you are a pc-geek? It’s time to install GTA IV on your PC and see how far you can PUSH the settings.

For the record, I can only push it to HIGH level.

GTA IV is the currently the world’s expensive video-game ever created!

If you are a gamer, would you miss the opportunity to play the game that cost more than 100 million dollars? GTA IV, took 3 years to be finished and it was one of the most anticipated game for 2008.

My wrap-up:

Lately, I am hearing a lot of rants that GTA IV is “very” disappointing and it should not be played by everyone. I guess you can’t blame someone for becoming too subjective.

Remember not all people are born in the same hospital. If you think the reasons I gave had you going then it’s time to rock-on And be a thug for a cause!