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Wario Level Microgames on WarioWare: Smooth Moves Game for Nintendo Wii

When playing the Wario level, the 1st one, on WarioWare: Smooth Moves you are given a random mixture of microgames for that level to play as you advance in the level. Once you unlock the microgame by playing it in the level you can then access and play it on its own in the Temple of Form. To see the microgames you have unlocked from the Wario Level you can click on Story button once in the Temple and then click on the box with Wario on it. It will then show you the microgames you have unlocked and blank boxes for the ones that you have not unlocked yet.
There are 13 microgames for the Wario Level. One of them is the boss level. Below are the names of the different levels and a little description on how to play each one. They are listed in order as they appear on the Wario level microgame screen. All of these microgames use the Remote Control form.

Pest Control: In this microgame you must aim the controller at the green target on the monster and press A to shoot and destroy the monster. There is one target for level one, two for level two, and three for level three.

Playing Hooky: In this game you must lift up the guy by hooking him with your hook in the green loop and lift the controller up. The first two levels the guy is facing you. In the third one he is walking back and forth and you hook the ring sideways, i.e. smaller area to aim at to get in loop.

Wario PI: In this microgame you must make the picture come into focus. You move the controller forwards and backwards to bring it into focus. Do it slowly, so you do not pass the focus point and loose time and possibly the level.

On the Ropes: In this game you must twirl the jump rope around so that the guy(s) can jump. There is one guy for level one, two for level two, and three for level three. You twirl the rope by moving your arm with the Wiimote in the same way you would do so if you were twirling a jump rope.

Take a Stab at It: In this game you must stab objects with your sword as they come at you. In the first level you must get one object, in the second you must get two, and in the third you must get three. To get it onto your sword just aim the Wiimote at the object as it approaches you.

Wokka Wokka!: In this microgame you must saute the food and serve the customers before time runs out. To cook the food flick the controller up and down until the food is tossed to the customers plate. Each level is essentially the same just requiring more sauteing per level.

Crowd Control: In this level you must get all the guys to leave the screen. You do this by shooing them away by aiming the Wiimote near them until you have them off the screen. There are more people as you get to the higher levels.

Wario Fu: In this game you must control a little guy and make him avoid the birds. Simply aim around the screen to move him around and stay out of harm’s way.

You Can Pick Your Friends…: In this microgame you must get the finger in the nostril. You move the finger side to side by aiming the remote and then push wiimote forward when it is lined up. For the first two levels you can put the finger in either nostril to win. For the third level you have two fingers and must line it up to get one in each nostril.

Poster Child: In this microgame you must get the Wario Wanted poster put up. Aim the remote at the edges that are not connected until Wario pops out signifing you completed level before time runs out.

Shaving Scream: In this game you must shave the facial hair off the guy. You know you are finished when he starts to blush. Just aim the Wiimote around the screen to get the facial hair. Each level has more hair and different patterns to shave off.

One in Hole: In this game you must get the guy (s) to fall in the hole. You move the hole by aiming at the screen with your Wiimote. In level one there is one guy, there are two in level two, and three in level three.

Biggest Fan (Boss Level): In the boss level you must blow the boss off the ledge. To blow him off you have a fan which works when you move your controller up and down. You must blow off some little guys and then the boss appears. The trick to get him off is to only wave the fan when is arm is in the air. This is especially important on levels two and three, as he will not lift his arm up if you are fanning while he is blocking.

The Video Game Industry is Enforcing Their Ratings as Good as Anybody

Ever since video games became more and more popular there has been an increasing controversy about them. With violent games like Mortal Kombat and Grand Theft Auto many people have blamed video games for their children having violent tendencies.
Several years ago the video game industry implemented a rating system for video games just like movies. The perception among many people though is that these ratings are pretty much ignored by kids and parents and even the stores that sell them. Those people would be wrong. The truth is the video game industry has been the strictest about selling games with bad ratings the past seven years.

The Federal Trade Commission did a report that tracked the sales from 2000 to 2006 of 13 to 16 year olds who were able to purchase M rated video games, R Rated Movie tickets, Unrated Movie Tickets, R Rated DVDs and Explicit Content CDs.

Thirteen to sixteen year old kids have the easiest time getting Explicit Content CDs. In 2000 about 85% of underage kids could get CDs with explicit lyrics. In 2006 the number had decreased a little bit but only to about 75%.

R Rated DVDs being sold to 13 – 16 year olds wasn’t really prominent when the test first began in 2000 but from 2001 to 2006 the percentage of 13 – 16 year olds that could buy R Rated DVDs increased from 0% all the way up to a little over 70%. Unrated DVDs were also not being sold to 13 – 16 year olds up until 2003 but from 2003 to 2006 also went from 0% to just over 70%.

R Rated Movie Tickets have been a little bit more responsible since they started off in 2000 at just 45% but from 2000 to 2006 the percentage of 13 – 16 year olds that could buy R Rated Movie Tickets only decreased to a little less than 40%.

Then there are video games, the item that most people think are sold to anybody who wants them regardless of the rating or the age of the buyer. In 2000 when the test started it was certainly true, 85% of 13 – 16 year olds could purchase M rated games. But from 2000 to 2006 that percentage dropped to a staggering 42%, they cut their percentage in half. Not only did the video game industry’s enforcement of the rules lead to the biggest decline by far (43% compared to just a 10% drop for explicit lyrics) but if the pattern continues for another year in 2007 then the video game industry’s percentage of sales to 13 – 16 year olds will be lower than everybody else.

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5 Classic Video Game Series

Video games for any format are here to stay; many of them come in more than one format, like for Nintendo Wii and Xbox. While there are many out there, we wanted to search out the top five based on sales history and popularity with gamers. We will try and discuss the top five, their ratings in the sales department, and give you a quick idea of their plots and characters.
1. Pokemon Series – While there are many, the most popular in sales have been Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Gold amp; Silver selling over 175 million units. There are many generations of the Pokemon collection but the red, blue, gold amp; silver were the highest in sales. Gamers can choose to be various Pokemon characters; there are 151 species in all from Bulbasaur to Mew. Game play includes capturing, training, battling and, trading the characters that reside in the fictional world of Kanto.

2. Super Mario Brothers – This series has been extremely popular with Super New Mario2 (Mario Madness) released in 1988 selling 10 million copies, Super Mario Land released in 1996 selling 14 million copies and Super Mario Brothers 3 in 1990 which sold 18 million copies. The main characters are of course Mario and his brother Luigi who have an ultimate goal of saving the Princess Peach. The gamer travels from one level to another and his character can gain strength by landing on “mushrooms” and indestructible for a short time by colliding with stars. As the characters travel along to try and save the princess, they can gather coins; 100 coins gives the character and extra bonus life.

3. Grand Theft Auto – This popular series is also known as GTA. Released in 2001, it has spouted GTA: San Andreas, and GTA II and III selling over 70 million copies. This action adventure driven game includes role-playing, driving, stealth and racing. It has been criticized for it’s adult nature and violent themes. Mostly there are protagonists along the gamer’s way from the criminal underworld. These protagonist’s motives vary from game to game and many Hollywood actors have offered their voices to this game.

4. Halo – The Halo series which has sprung Halo, Halo2 and Halo 3 has sold over one hundred million copies and perhaps is the most popular series of all time. First released in 2001 it is available in a PC and Mac format. The theme of this series is science fiction based and its main characters include the Master Chief, who escapes his prison aboard the ship known as the Pillar of Autumn. Cortana, an A.I. who assists the Master Chief with selecting coordinates throughout their journey. There is also the warrior Arbitor who joins two humans, Miranda Keyes and Sergeant Jackson in the ultimate battle against the Covenant (an enemy alliance of alien races), who claim to defeat humanity by the year 2535.

5. The Sims Series – First released in 2000, this video game series has sold over 52 million copies, which includes The Sims, The Sims2 and The Sims3. While there were initially no defined goals for this series the gamer creates virtual people called “Sims.” They can choose to build a home or live in a pre-constructed home. As they travel along their journeys the game reveals through the gamer each “Sims” moods, attitudes and, desires. Sims 2 and 3 are in a 3D environment where the Sims grow from infant to adulthood, then age and eventually die. There are more opportunities here offer real time week days and weekends and the Sims can buy Aspiration Points after they receive Aspiration Awards. Two other families, the Pleasant family and the Goth family appear and cause dilemmas.

If you’ve never heard of any of these games, go to your local retail outlet, buy the first in the series and continue on from there. If you have grandkids or kids, we hope this helps you understand a little more about the top five video games available for gamers.

8 Ball Pool Hack- Excellent online multiplayer hack tool

8 ball pools is an awesome multiplayer game on the internet. To enjoy a game up to the maximum level, you need to collect a large amount of resources for the efficient game play. For this, you do not need to spend real money from your pocket, but you can simply make use of 8 ball pool hack that perfectly works on both android and iOS devices. Actually, this is a very short game that you can enjoy the game play with a few clicks of the button. The main responsibility of the player is needed to generate an unlimited amount of resources such as cash, coins and diamonds and so on.

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About clash royale cheats and hack tool

The clash royale hack is a great wondering tool for you that can maximize the unlimited amounts of resources easily. When you are in need of more stuff to play game as like clash of clan, you can use the clash royale hack that gives you more gems, gold and elixirs. This tool is developed by the professional software tool developer who has created the famous hack tools like hay day, clash of clans, etc. This tool is now available to support of all mobile platforms as well as PC or laptops too. It also allows the users to enjoy their most favorite online game on both android and iOS devices as well.

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How to use clash royale hack?

The clash royale is very simple, efficient and interesting tool that gives you access to produce numerous stuffs such as elixir, real gems, gold and coins. With this tool, you can get all these resources within a short span of time. The amazing thing to know about this tool is fulfilling all your game requirements within a matter of minutes. When compared to downloadable versions of hack tool, this online hack tool is far better to use and obtain the quick results.

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Ultimate advantages of using clash of clans hack tool


There are different genre of games are available in online such as puzzle game, 3D game and so on. But of you are looking for the best and interesting strategy game then clash of clans is the best choice. This game is consists of amazing gameplay and most of the people are willing to play this game because of gameplay. As everyone knows, it is the freemium game which means players can download and install it their device for free of cost. But if you are looking to play additional features of game then you have to spend your real world currency. This game is designed with amazing features. So if you are planning to win this game then you have to spend your real world currency. In case you are not winning to spend your real world currency then you can use clash of clans hack. It is also belongs to the software and it is really helpful to increase your resources instantly. Most of the COC players are using this hack tool to increase their resources. But players have to carefully choose the best site because all sites are not safe to use the hack tool.

Detailed features of clash of clans game

If you are winning your opponent then you are considered as clash of clans winner but it is not an easy job. Each level is designed with difficult objectives and you have to finish each task as well as you have to build your own village. But winning game is quiet difficult because players have to spend their money to buy gems. In this played by most of the college going people and they are not starting to earn money. In such kind of situation how will they offer real world currency? So developers are creating the clash of clans hack and anyone can use this hack tool. There are no restrictions to use this hack tool and it is completely free to use so you easily win this game. Most of the sites are offered this hack tool but all are not safe to use so carefully choose the best hack tool. You can also use this tool for your friends and family members to increase their resources. So choose the best hack tool to increase your resources and it is safe to use.

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Hack tools are easy to use because it is consisting of simple steps and children can also use this tool without any mistakes. In case you are not aware of using clash of clans hack tool then you can follow the below instructions such as

  • Choose the authorized site to download COC hack tool
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So if you are following above instructions carefully then you can easily win this game because it is instantly update your resources. You can also use this hack tool to increase your family members and friends. Players can use this hack tool for many times so slowly increase your resources because you might be caught by some other players. This kind of hack tools are comes with free of cost so any sites is asking for money then just ignore the site. There are plenty of sites are offered this COC hack tools at their site so carefully choose the best one.

Earning unlimited diamonds and coins through Hay Day hack


Today, most of the people are very much interested in playing the farming games like Hay Day on their mobile platforms. Supercell is the formal developer and publisher of this particular game which was initially released only for the Apple iOS platforms on 21st June, 2012. Later on 20th November, 2013, the same game was released for all versions of Android mobile platforms. Now days, there are increased demands for playing this hay day game to have exciting entertainment and to learn more about farming.

Game play and use of hack tool:

When considering the game play of the hay day game, the uncle of the player is incapable to take care of his farm further so he wants to hand over full responsibility regarding their farm to the player. As the player, you will have to start doing farming and your game play starts with the scarecrow teaching the game about a way of harvesting the wheat in the lands. Coins and diamonds are the most important gaming resources and for this purpose you can make use of the hay day hack tool on the web. Once you have run the hacking tool of this farming game, then you can get instant amounts of coins and diamonds to your gaming account. According to the hay day game play, the players can able to earn some coins by selling the goods but it is really very time consuming process.

This is why the expert hay day game players are suggesting the new players to make use of the best hacking tool available on the internet. Like the diamonds and coins, experience points (XP) are also the most important resource of the hay day game. With the help of the earned coins, the players can able to purchase the various decoration items and also production buildings. Sometimes, these coins are also very helpful to get more amounts of experience points to your account. With the numerous experience points, one can able to level up your gaming to easily win the game.

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When the players of the hay day farming game requires unlimited amounts of diamonds, coins and experience points resources to your gaming account, you can just use the hay day hack tool on the mobile platforms. In the earlier days, the players should need to open the hacking tool on the PC and you had to connect your mobile phone with it for the successful hacking process. But now days it is not necessary to connect your Android or iOS platforms to the computer for the hacking process because the players can now find so many mobile compatible hacking tools which can be easily run on the mobile browser. Once you have selected the best hay day game hacking tool, then you will surely get the following features such as,

  • Unlimited coins
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Once the online game players have selected the best and reliable type of hay day game hacking tool, then you can surely enjoy all these types of features to enjoy gaming on your mobile devices. Almost all the hacking tools for this farming game are common to both the iOS and Android mobile platforms and you don’t need to look for the separate hacking software for your different mobile phones and tablets. The hay day players can just use this tool to generate desired diamonds and coins.